Must-have apps for successfully managing your Shopify cosmetics store

Every beginning is frightening and full of doubts, especially when you're about to create your own business. That's why, if you're thinking of starting a cosmetic or any other kind of business on Shopify, we're here to provide you with some advice on how to efficiently manage your cosmetic store on this e-commerce platform.

In today's article, we will specifically discuss a handful of Shopify apps that will help you streamline your store management. While these apps are mostly conceived for cosmetic stores, many of them can also be installed in any Shopify store.


Use the power of social networks to boost your business

It's common knowledge that social networks are powerful tools for business growth through advertisements and collaborations with influencers. That's why our first app recommendation is the Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok Sales Channel. Installing these apps in your Shopify store is a compelling option to familiarise yourself with advertising on social networks.

To better understand how these apps work, let me explain their main function. They allow you to showcase and sell your products on social networks, significantly increasing your chances of reaching potential customers as your products are exposed to a larger audience.

Further exploring the topic of social media, the Mint-instafeed app enables you to add your store's Instagram feed to your e-commerce website. With this app, it becomes much easier to convert store visitors into customers and gain Instagram followers simultaneously.

In social media, it's common to see brands collaborating with influencers to promote their businesses. Refersion is an excellent app for managing partnerships and collaborations. It enables you to handle partnerships, affiliates, offers, custom commissions, rewards, and even recruit your best customers as ambassadors using post-purchase pop-ups.

By combining these three apps, you can create a fantastic marketing strategy to promote your business, particularly leveraging Instagram, a social network where the beauty culture thrives.

 Enhance the cosmetic shopping experience

Nowadays, many people hesitate to buy cosmetic products online because they can't try them before making a purchase. It's crucial to incorporate apps that allow customers to virtually try your products, providing them with an experience close to real-life cosmetic testing.

For instance, the Magic Mirror app enables customers to try your products in real-time, testing different shades of lipsticks or any other makeup item to find the perfect match.

Another great recommendation is the Bold Product Options app. This app is a must-have if you want to offer a wide range of custom lipstick colors, moisturizers, perfumes, and more. Additionally, it allows you to add premium options and charge extra for them.

The Product Recommendation Quiz is another app we highly recommend for enhancing your store's personalised service. This interactive quiz helps customers find the perfect product for their needs. Moreover, completing the quiz increases the average order value (AOV), as it unconsciously convinces clients to make a purchase.


Automate store functions

Lastly, let's discuss some general apps that can help you with your store's management. These apps can be installed in any type of Shopify business, serving various purposes.

An essential app to include in your Shopify store is Advanced Product Descriptions. It allows users to browse your site without scrolling and adds sections for materials, size guides, and other relevant information.

If you want to boost upselling in your store, we recommend installing our app, Yaco Progress Bar. With this app, you can encourage customers to purchase more products by showing them a progress bar indicating how close they are to reaching their goals.

Another useful app is Recharge, ideal for managing recurring payments and monthly subscriptions.

Our final recommendation is Privy, an app that captures visitors' email addresses to display pop-ups, banners, and promotional offers. You can also use these email addresses to send newsletters and marketing campaigns.

To conclude, our overall recommendation of key apps to boost your cosmetic store is to consider those that increase your store's visibility on social media or enhance real-time product testing as if customers were in a physical store. Additionally, general apps that improve SEO, upselling, and subscription management can be beneficial for your cosmetic store or any other type of store you own.

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