Three ways to use upselling to boost your Shopify store

What is upselling and how is it useful?

It is quite likely that you’ve experienced upselling before, without noticing it. In fact, when you’re at the supermarket and a cashier offers you a discounted item, that’s an upsell. Even when you want to order something to eat in an app and the restaurant suggests you add to your main dish a side dish or a dessert.

This approach involves suggesting additional products or services to customers, encouraging them to spend more money than originally planned. 

The purpose of upselling is to convince customers to buy a higher-priced, enhanced, or premium version of their selected item, as well as additional add-ons, in order to increase the overall sale value.

In this article, we’re going to share with you three simple ways to introduce this sales technique to your business.

  1. Try adding a “related products” section on your “Products” page

If you’re thinking of a way to increase the revenues of your shop effortlessly, you might be interested in trying to add related products to your “products” section.

Believe it or not, this is a crucial feature for all e-commerce stores and will have a noticeable impact on sales. 

Related products are selected based on items frequently purchased together, share similar product descriptions, or belong to related collections. So by adding this feature to your website, your next customer will see other products which are usually bought together with the one he or she is planning to purchase. As more order and product data become available, the suggestions for related products become more precise and personalized to each customer's preferences.

Plus, by suggesting these items to our customers, we’re already multiplying the chances of growing the Average Order Value (AOV) of each transaction.

This sales technique also enhances your customers' experience, as the complementary products or accessories offered can influence their experience with the main product purchased in the first place, leading to greater satisfaction and potentially even causing customers to come back to your store.

2. Introducing an upsell progress bar

Another tool that might be useful to increase your sales can be an upsell progress bar. This tool gives a transparency touch to the purchase experience, as it shows how far they are from getting a special offer or discount. The progress bar can also increase transparency in the upselling process and build trust with your customers.

The upsell progress bar can encourage spending as well. Seeing how close they are to receiving a special offer or free gift might motivate customers to purchase more items to make the progress bar increase and, therefore, spend more money.

As the upsell progress bar sets specific goals to encourage customers to acquire more items, this causes in customers a sense of achievement, which leads to an increase of customers satisfaction. 

Lastly, this tool can also make the upselling process more interactive, since it features real-time updates of the items added to the cart, for instance.

Considering that you’ve arrived at this point of the article, let me recommend you our progress bar app to ease the search of this tool for you. 

With the Yaco progress bar you’ll be able to choose any kind of cart value goals to encourage your customers to add more products to their carts. Plus, we offer you the possibility to customise it by placing the bar wherever you want on your website, choosing its colour, and adding images, or text. You might be glad to know as well that Yaco progress bar is very lightweight, which means that it won’t have any impact on your store’s performance.

3. Using a “recommended products” slider on the “Cart” page

This upselling technique is very similar to the first one. When customers are on the “Cart” page, a slider appears where products recommended by your store are displayed.

By showing these products directly on the “cart” page, we boost our businesses in several ways. First of all, this slider showcasing the recommended products can encourage customers to purchase additional items, thereby rising sales and revenue.

As with the “related products” section on the “products” page, this technique also improves the customers’ experience, since the slider shows a personalised and convenient choice of products based on the interests of the customer.

A “recommended products” slider can help clients to save time as well, considering this tool displays that might be in the customers’ interest so that they don’t have to do the search manually.

The fact that the client is taking a look at the products displayed in this slider means that she or he will spend more time on our website exploring or discovering more products, therefore the customer’s engagement and satisfaction will grow.

Now that you know how to boost your store's sales with upsells, we invite you to use these techniques and let us know how it went. Feel free to reach out to us at to share your feedback or if you need to set up our app Yaco Progress Bar. We wish you all the best for your store!

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