What are the advantages of having a progress bar in your store?

A progress bar can help your business in many ways. Every company wishes to be as transparent with its shipping costs as possible. Well, with a progress bar in your store, this is conceivable.

Control the shipping costs

Frequently shipping costs are the most common reason why clients no longer want to go along with the purchase, and this is a significant concern for business. But this problem can be solved by installing a progress bar in your store.

Thanks to progress bars, clients can see their order’s shipping costs before the checkout. And even from the very first moment they start shopping in those stores having placed their progress bar in an announcement bar at the top of its home page.

A progress bar: adding fun and modernity to the store

Another reason that can help customers stay in your store is that this bar is like a game, as it makes the shopping process more amusing and dynamic. 

It also gives a modern touch to the store because it has animations to entertain the client. This feature can certainly make the shopping process go from ordinary and plain to amusing.

The power of goals

Last but not least, having a progress bar is also a good idea to urge the clients to buy more items since it induces them to fill the bar by adding products to the cart so they can reach the different goals.

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